Bixby Energy Systems is a “new energy” company dedicated to finding and developing technologies that provide clean, economical energy solutions. Our mission is to help pioneer the future of responsible energy by improving existing energy technologies and investing in the development of sustainable alternative solutions.  Rather than a “not interested if not invented here” attitude, Bixby Energy seeks out and embraces new thinking and technology ideas for producing energy from creative minds all over the world. It is this philosophy that is responsible for the development of the “Bixby Process.” 

Bixby Energy was founded in 2001 by nationally known visionary and entrepreneur Robert Walker (innovator of the Sleep Number Bed), after nearly two years of researching the energy industry worldwide. During that time Mr. Walker found that there were many promising technologies under development in mechanic’s garages, college and university laboratories and small companies all over the world. However, what the inventors lacked was the funding and knowledge required to refine their technologies and bring them to market. Bixby Energy was established to serve as a proving ground for new energy solutions, and to provide the funding, mentoring and support needed to bring the best new energy solutions to market.


Since its inception, Bixby Energy has fostered the development of several compelling technologies with the potential to have a significant impact in the new energy industry of the future.

The most exciting technology to date is its breakthrough Devolitization and Liquefaction technology, known as the “Bixby Process.” This revolutionary technology is available right now, and provides an economical method of producing both gas and fuel from energy sources that are cheap and plentiful.

There is no single solution to the energy challenges facing our world today. By seeking out, developing and promoting the use of new energy technologies from credible sources around the world, Bixby will build a portfolio of smart solutions that deliver not only the cleaner, more sustainable energy our planet requires, but that will ultimately lead to global energy independence.